My New House

I moved from Ellicott City to my new house in Columbia, Maryland at the beginning of June. I’ve been working ever since to get the house arranged as I want it to be. I was slowed down by the illness of a friend that required me to spend many hours taking care of her. Then, in the process of moving, I gave myself a hernia. I’m now healing rapidly from that nuisance. I’m finally getting the place shaped up.

The new house, despite some drawbacks, is ideal for me. Because of its location at the edge of a pond on a small plot of land filled with trees, the house requires no outside work at all—no lawns to be mowed, no flower beds to be planted and kept up, and, apparently, no walks to be snow-shoveled. The upkeep of the surrounding area is the responsibility of the Columbia Association to which I, as a property owner, pay a regular fee.

I have written at length here about the deck on the back of the house overlooking the pond several hundred feet in diameter half filled with water reeds. Trees of every variety surround the pond and the deck, making for a scene of resplendent beauty. Animals and birds come and go. I spend as much time as I can on the deck. I read there and eat all my meals there, soaking up the richness of the scene.

The deck runs the full width of the house on the north side and can be accessed from a spare bedroom and from a room with a gas fireplace I’m calling the sunroom. The eastern wall of that room is all windows that go up to the slanted ceiling. In the morning, sunshine floods the room. On the wall opposite the windows is built-in television.

To the south of the sunroom is the piano room where my Steinway grand dominates. Its eastern wall, rising two stories, is filled with windows. I can play the piano and glance at the view, an open lawn area backed by endless trees.

More next time.

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