Temporary Hiatus

Early tomorrow morning, I head to Annapolis for surgery to repair a hernia. That means I’ll be out of action for some period of time and won’t be able to post new blogs. I’m not sure how long.

My office is on the lowest level of my new house. That means it’s down two half-flights of stairs, on the lowest floor of my split-level. I don’t know how long it will be before I’m able to negotiate the stairs.

I admit to being uneasy about the surgery. It’s minor and routine; nothing to be concerned about. But I’m not a young man, and operations are more serious for older people. Granted, I’m a model of good health. I’m still a little edgy.

All that said, I expect to be blogging again sometime this week. I’ll be talking about tax rates and the economy and what my new house is like. As always, I encourage readers to comment on what I have to say.

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