State Circle Video

In cleaning out my old files, I came across one I had forgotten, an interview Nancy Yamada did with me several years ago on the TV program called “State Circle” on Maryland Public Television. In some ways, the interview is an embarrassment. I was so emotional as I talked about my time in Vietnam. I pulled no punches in addressing the ghastliness of combat.

In retrospect, I’m glad I did the interview and that I was so open about my feelings. One of my life goals as I age is to get people to understand the grisliness of the battlefield. The interview is a step in that direction.

And I am honored that MPT interviewed me and told my story. For decades I was shamed for my work during the Vietnam war. That exacerbated my Post-Traumatic Stress Injury (PTSI). Being thanked and praised for my role in that war has gone a long way in helping me heal. I’m grateful.

You can view the interview at  Let me know your reaction by commenting here.

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