Climate Change

The Washington Post in early August reported that data from a European climate agency shows that last month edged out July 2016 for the warmest month ever around the globe. That record was set as Europe grappled with a heat wave that set records in many cities. I suspect that August will also be one of the hottest on record.

We must take action to slow down climate change before great swaths of the earth become too hot to live in and seal level rises to the point that coastal cities are flooded. It’s already happening. The emergency is now.

We need to move quickly to reduce carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. That means finding energy resources other than coal and fossil fuels. They’re available—wind, sun, natural gas—but we are doing next to nothing to shift to renewable energy sources while the earth is slowly scorched and the ice at the poles is melted.

Some suggest that the U.S. is only one player in the climate change game, and changes by us won’t have much effect. But other nations are already moving in the effort against climate change. And the U.S. is a world leader—other countries follow our lead.

President Trump dismisses climate change as a hoax. He and his Republican backers are unwilling to address the emergency even as Europe is disabled by heat and the waters rise on our own coasts.

The 2020 election offers us a way of changing our government so that it becomes active on climate change. It can’t come soon enough.

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