My Novels (7)

My books to be published next year are not the end of the story. I’m currently working on two more books.

One so far untitled is drawn from my experience during the 1967 battle of Dak To in Vietnam’s western highlands. It tells the story of a growing friendship between three soldiers, very different from one another, and a civilian there to provide intelligence assistance to the 4th Infantry Division and 173rd Armored Brigade. I have had to do considerable research into that battle, one of the bloodiest during the Vietnam war. My New York Times article on the battles (you can read it at doesn’t begin to deal with all the actions on both sides. This is going to be tough going.

The other book, called Josh at the Door, is the story of a torrid affair between a man and woman both in their eighties. I am repeatedly irritated by the assumption of younger people that older men and women are no longer capable of passionate lovemaking. I wanted to set the record straight. I leave it to the reader to decide is this book, like all my other novels, is fiction in name only.

As readers have commented, none of my novels and short stories end happily. But all, without exception, end with hope. If I’ve learned nothing else during my long life, I know that travail brings with it learning and the possibility of a better future. I don’t write tragedies—stories that end without hope. I write stories with sad endings that offer a view toward a better future.

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