Moving (3)

Leaving behind the beauty nature created with some help from me is only one aspect of moving.

Moving is a huge amount of work. I will have to move a lot of items myself. The movers will not handle liquids, including beverages, cleaners, laundry materials, automobile fluids (like motor oil and windshield fluid), and paint. They’ll move my outdoor grill but not the propane and that fuels it. They advise me to transport myself fragile valuables. I haven’t yet figured out how I’m going to manage all that.

The u-shaped maple desk and bookshelves in my office and great room, custom made for me many years ago, will have to be taken disassembled to be moved. That’s scheduled during the week before the move. Once that happens, I’ll probably be unable to continue posting to this blog until after I’m settled in my new place in early June.

My beloved Steinway grand piano, a gift many years ago from my daughter, will be moved that same week. It will be stored during the move and reassembled in my new place next month. I’ll miss it.

In short, the move will test my organizing skills and physical strength to the limit. I’m sure I’ll get through it fine. But the move and everything associated with it has disrupted my life and introduced a level of chaos, eclipsed only by living through the fall of Saigon and its aftermath.

More tomorrow.

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