Cancer (2)

Continuing my quote from a blog post of January 2107 about my bout with lung cancer:

The other factor that helped me cope [with my lung cancer] was that I never stopped working. Even on my worst days, I wrote. When the Naval Institute Press (NIP) accepted Last of the Annamese for publication in 2016, I redoubled my efforts. I worked on the proofs of Annamese and struggled through the editing process with a genuinely excellent editor from NIP to get the book ready for publication in March 2017. At the same time, I completed work on Secretocracy, a novel based on my years in intelligence, and I’m shopping it around to publishers. Now that I’m up to my elbows in promoting Annamese with presentations and still doing readings and book signings of my earlier books, I’m working ten-hour days and loving every minute.

So thanks to devotion to work I love, I’m well on my way to complete recovery. And I’m deeply grateful for my good luck.

End of quote. In 2019, I’m still recuperating from the effects of the cancer, the chemotherapy, the radiation, and the surgery. I’m constantly irritated that I tire so easily, and I still cough up sputum and am subject to sneezing fits. But I’m also getting on in years and have already lived past the average age for an American man. So I’m not sure to what degree my problems are hangovers from the cancer and its cure or are just from getting old. At the same time, my drive to write is as strong as it ever was. I’m working on two new novels.

Meanwhile, Secretocracy, revised to take place during the Trump administration, has been accepted for publication and will come out next year.

I have no complaint.

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