Early in this log, I wrote about being a man and how different women were. Among other things, I said “when I prepare for sleep at night, I take off my clothes and go to bed. That takes something under five minutes. Women take much longer. I don’t know why. I can’t figure out why they spend as long s twenty minutes in the bathroom. What do they do in there that only women have to do before they sleep?”

In another blog, I noted that women find us men awfully noisy. Women seem to go out of their way to avoid noise. I have no idea why.

And women choose and wear clothes in a way very different from men. A female friend of mine maintains separate wardrobes for each season. At the end of spring, she packs away her spring clothes and gets out her summer things. She does the same thing at the end of summer, fall, and winter. I don’t understand what the differences are. I have suits I wear for business occasions. The rest of the time, I wear sport shirts and black jeans. None of that changes throughout the year. Granted, during the cold months, I put on a car coat or overcoat when I go out, but the clothes beneath are the same for all seasons.

Why have different clothes for different seasons? Why work so hard to avoid noise? Why spend hours in the bathroom? I haven’t a clue.

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