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I have now been posting to this blog at least six days a week for more than two years. I have posted 444 pages of text, some 206,400 words. I started the blog to promote my books, especially Last of the Annamese, and much of the writing here has dealt with my thirteen years in and out of Vietnam and my survival of the fall of Saigon—the subject of Annamese.

One of the mysteries I haven’t solved is why the number of readers varies so much from day to day. I’ve had no days with no viewers at all, a few with only one view, and even fewer with over a hundred. I’m at a loss to discover why some blog posts attract many readers and others only a few.

Early on I pursued the original purpose of the blog and wrote extensively about my four novels and seventeen short stories. Then I branched out into other subjects, everything from my fascination with languages, music, and writing to meditations on how women behave and the meaning of death.

My faithful readers only occasionally comment. Only once or twice have I received criticism, but praise has been frequent. I’m encouraged to find that what I have to say here is of value.

As with all my writing, I work hard to assure that what I post here is as well written as possible. Most of my time spent on the blog is in revising and improving rather than on first drafts. And I follow a practice I learned early in my writing career of reading aloud each text before I post it.

Writers first and foremost want readers. I’m grateful to all my readers who regularly look at what I have written. I hadn’t intended to continue the blog this long, but the response of readers made me feel that I had an obligation.

I’ll be moving to a new house soon, and during the move I won’t be able to post regularly here. I apologize in advance for the inconvenience. And once I’m settled in my new home, I’ll be devoted to getting on with the two novels I’ve started. That may mean less time to spend on the blog. If that happens, I’ll warn you in advance.

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