The Imminent Danger of a Presidential War (2)

Continuing the text of yesterday from Paul Berg—as you will see, it is a letter to Congress:

Ramsey Clark’s assessment was dead on. Within several years President Bush and Vice President Cheney, both war time service avoiders, got us involved in an unjustified and unnecessary war in Iraq.  Both of them relished in their roles of warrior princes. (Bush’s arrival in combat gear aboard an American aircraft carrier declaring victory is the most egregious example of this.)

Today we have a President who is erratic, incapable of understanding the nuances of international diplomacy, and unable to carry out the responsibilities of his office. He has very little historical understanding and no appreciation for the ultimate consequences of his actions. He appears to have no understanding that words can be a tipping point in a tense situation with another nation.

As President Trump comes under more scrutiny and encounters additional criticism for his erratic behavior, his innate narcissism will motivate him to unify the nation around him against an external enemy. The consequences for the United States may well be thousands of deaths (potentially millions) and the further erosion of America’s moral leadership in the world.

What I am sharing with you is not a vague suggestion of a remote possibility. Rather, this is a warning of the most likely scenario in our near future, given the current situation. Be aware that when the next Presidential war occurs, there will be two causes: 1. an irrational President who has given in to the temptation to become a warrior prince and unify the nation around himself, and 2. the failure of the United States Congress to act as a check and balance, as our Founders intended, to reign in the impulses of an irrational leader.

As one who has served in an unnecessary Presidential war, I urge you and all members of Congress to recognize the severity and immediacy of the danger we are in and pass legislation to limit the powers of this President to lead us into another Presidential war.

“War is sweet to those who have not tasted it.”


End of quote from Paul Berg. I’m anxious to hear your reaction.

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