Vietnam War Veterans Day

The American Legion, of which I am a proud member, today issued an announcement about tomorrow. I quote:

Thursday is Vietnam War Veterans Day. 

While we honor our war dead on Memorial Day and our living veterans on Veterans Day, this is a time when we give a special tribute to those who served during the Vietnam War. For many, it’s the recognition they deserved when they returned to America. 

They defended our flag with honor. They supported democracy. They fought in brutal conditions. 

Yet when many Vietnam War veterans returned to America, they were unwelcomed. While we cannot change the actions of the past, we can show our support and gratitude today – something that should have happened 50 years ago. 

In fact, many American Legion posts and members, Sons of The American Legion squadrons, American Legion Auxiliary units and Riders chapters are supporting efforts to honor these special veterans.   

Across the nation, ceremonies will honor Vietnam War veterans this Thursday. Of course, the Vietnam Wall will play a special role in honoring and remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Throughout the United States, nearly every state is planning to host commemoration events. 

We should not allow this special day of recognition to fade when the calendar turns over. Join me in thanking Vietnam veterans for their service not just this Thursday, but every day. 

Welcome Home.

End of quote. How I yearned to hear the words “welcome home” when I arrived, a psychological wreck, back in the real world (the U.S.) in May 1975 after escaping under fire when Saigon fell. I didn’t hear them. I wasn’t welcomed. Hearing them now brings tears to my eyes.

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