Electrical Outage: Seven Days

My electricity just came on—after seven days of outage. That’s why there have been no blog posts for the past seven days. I’ll resume posting today.

With no light and no heat, I learned just how bleak life can be. One experience is symptomatic: I had to do all cooking on my propane grill on my top deck. One day, while I was cooking, I discovered by looking at the thermometer that it was actually warmer outside than in. So I decided to eat at my picnic table. While was eating, it started to snow. I finished my meal with a spicing of snowflakes.

One thought on “Electrical Outage: Seven Days”

  1. Tom,
    Sorry you had it so bad. May I suggest a Generator (after the prices go back down). We were out 5 days but the generator bailed us out. I can show you a fairly simple hook up when you have time.
    Missed you at lunch today. We had 11 guys and I got to wear my new cover.


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