On 9 January, I offered the fall of Saigon presentation at the Central Branch of the Howard County (Maryland) Library System. I was introduced by Beth Haynes—the best and most flattering introduction I’ve ever received. She quoted from this blog about the pain that memories of Vietnam always bring with them: “Wounds to the soul never heal. Only forgetting would allay my pain. And forgetting would be unforgivable.”

That made me think again about remembering. I’ll never forget the soldiers and Marines who died by my side in combat. My memories of the 2700 South Vietnamese soldiers who worked with my organization will never fade. They were all killed or captured during and after the fall of Saigon. And the two Marines killed at our gate during North Vietnamese shelling of our compound on the morning of 29 April 1975, Judge and McMahon, will always be with me.

Yes, it will always hurt. But these are sacred memories. I must always keep them alive.

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