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I started this blog a little over a year ago at the suggestion of my publisher to promote my most recent novel, Last of the Annamese. I wrote here early last month that I would be scaling back the daily blog posts to free up time to work on my novels. I haven’t done it. My change of heart has several reasons.

First, to my continuing surprise, I find that I have plenty to say here day after day. I never run out of ideas. Part of the reason for that is that I have so far lived such a rich life. My fellow author, Larry Matthews, once said of me that I’ve had a life Indiana Jones would have envied.

Second, my readership keeps increasing. That makes me feel as though I have an obligation not to let down people who are kind enough to read my words every day.

Third, if my experience after 1975 is ever declassified, I’ll have a lot more to talk about. My life after the fall of Saigon was at least as vivid as my time in Vietnam.

And fourth, my frantic schedule of presentations and readings (twelve in November, including five in one week) has slowed down to something approaching a reasonable pace. I now have time not only to write but to work out with weights three times a week and to play the piano daily (I have a magnificent Steinway grand, a gift from one of my daughters), activities I had to forego during November.

So, for now at least, I’ll continue to blog every day. I’m deeply grateful to the readers who follow the daily twists and turns of my prose.

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