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Come November, I won’t be posting a new blog every day six times a week as I have for the last year. For the whole of November, I’ll be travelling around the area doing the fall of Saigon presentation and several readings from Last of the Annamese. In other words, I won’t have time to post every day.

It’s about time. I started the blog just short of a year ago at the urging of my publisher to promote Last of the Annamese, but as time went on, I wrote of my other books and stories, about my experiences in Vietnam, and about my current life as a writer. In the beginning, I feared that I wouldn’t be able to say something substantial six days a week (I take a day off every week, usually on Saturday). To my surprise, I found plenty flowing from my fecund brain.

Reader response surprised me, too. Aside from one blast damning me for my criticism of Graham Martin, the last U.S. Ambassador in Vietnam, for failing to call for an evacuation when Saigon fell, reader response has been positive and rich in thoughtful reflection. The numbers of people reading the blog has varied but reached its highest number just this month, October 2017. That doesn’t count those reading my postings on social media where the blog texts also appear.

I don’t know how often I’ll be able to blog in the coming months, but it will almost certainly be less frequently than in the past. That’s because I have to rearrange my priorities to allow more time to write. I’m currently shopping around a completed novel called Secretocracy drawn from my experience while I was on the National Intelligence Staff reviewing the budgets of all the intelligence agencies before they were submitted to Congress. And I have two other novels in the sketch stage. For the last year, I’ve spent most of my time giving presentations and readings and keeping up this blog. It’s time to get back to my first and strongest calling, telling human stories.

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