The American Legion and Vietnam (2)

I wrote in my most recent blog about the upcoming American Legion Flea Market Extravaganza and connections between my experience in Vietnam and my current membership in the Legion. I reported my discovery that the commander of my American Legion post, Ed Hall, was part of the U.S. Marine force who evacuated me when Saigon fell and I escaped under fire. I only discovered Ed’s role in my rescue when my legion post asked me to do my fall of Saigon presentation for them. After I’d finished, Ed told me he’d been among the Marines who saved my life.

Presenting my wares beside my fellow legionnaires at the flea market is a deeply moving experience for me. Ed will be there as will other Vietnam vets from the Legion. My bond with these men and women has never been stronger.

I’ll post more information about the flea market as the date gets closer. It will be from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, 16 September, in the parking lot of the Howard County Medical Pavilion (10710 Charter Drive, Columbia, Maryland). My brothers and sisters from the Legion will be there with me. The purpose is to raise money for the charities the Legion supports. I urge all to participate.

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