Who Is the last of the Annamese?

Who Is the last of the Annamese? A reader, part way through the book, just asked me that.

I want the readers to decide for themselves the answer to that question.

Early in the story, South Vietnamese Marine Colonel Thanh decides that he and his people should be called Annamese (based on An Nam, “peace in the south”) rather than Vietnamese (drawn from Viet Nam, “trouble makers in the south”, as the Chinese called them). The name An Nam evokes the old, peaceful country before the conquerors from the north invaded.

As the reader proceeds through the story, the title could refer to different characters. I know how I want the reader to decide the answer at the end of the book, but I don’t control readers, and I’ll be happy with their answers.

If you’ve finished the book and would like to offer your answer to the question, “who is the last of the Annamese?” don’t post it here in the blog. That would be a spoiler. Instead send it to me at tomglenn3@gmail.com.

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