Number of NSA Men in Saigon at the End

I’ve confused my readers. I’ve said that I safely evacuated all 43 men working for me before the North Vietnamese took Saigon in April 1975. That’s true. At other times, I mentioned getting 41 out. The difference is that two of my guys, Bob Hartley and Gary Hickman, volunteered to stay with me through the attack on the city. Before that, I got 41 men and all the families out safely. The three of us—Bob, Gary, and me—were still there when the attack began on 28 April. We were shelled throughout the night, the building next door to us blew up, and two Marine guards at our gate were killed. Bob and Gary were evacuated by helicopter on the afternoon of 29 April. That added up to 43 guys out. I went out that night under fire.

2 thoughts on “Number of NSA Men in Saigon at the End”

  1. Tom, just about finished reading your book. Great reading! So you were the very last NSAer to leave Saigon. That reminds me, I was the first NSAer to step foot in Vietnam when I arrived in support of the first ASA unit deployed there in early 1961.


    1. I didn’t know that about you, Nick. I guess we’re bookends. Obviously, my experience in Vietnam changed me permanently. That’s one of the reasons I wrote Last of the Annamese. Greatly appreciate your reading it.


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