Today’s Washington Post

My letter to the editor is published in today’s Washington Post:

Regarding Mark Feldstein’s Feb. 19  Sunday Opinions essay, “Leaks: As American as apple pie and presidents”:

During my more than 30 years working in intelligence for the U.S. government, it was rare, if ever, that a member of the intelligence community leaked classified information to the media. The source of leaks nearly always turned out to be an intelligence customer, that is, a recipient of the finished intelligence. The culprits, more often than not, were members of Congress or their staffs or, occasionally, members of the executive branch.

Yet the media, The Post included, consistently refer to the leaks as being from intelligence agencies. Intelligence professionals have nothing to gain and much to lose with public exposure of the information they have worked so hard to unearth. Until and unless we have confirmation of the leak sources, the media would do well to stop blaming intelligence professionals, some of whom, like me, risked their lives to learn the truth about our enemies.

Tom Glenn, Ellicott City


One thought on “Today’s Washington Post”

  1. It seems that the media and others have forgot the old saying of WW II, “Loose Lips Sink Ship” Still applies today only a bit different. I’m am very disappointed on how public the NSA and the CA is these past many years, an incident waiting to happen


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