What Happened to Tom Glenn After 1975

A friend pointed out that almost everything I talk about in this blog dates in 1975 and before. Why don’t I talk about what happened after 1975?

Because I went on with my career for another 20 years, but none of that is declassified. In other words, I can’t legally reveal any of it. What happened in Vietnam that forms the basis for the fiction in Last of the Annamese was all declassified by 2015. What happened after that appears nowhere in my writing and probably never will. All I can really say is that I did a lot of travelling, but I can’t say where.

The languages I used to speak (I don’t claim to anymore—I’m getting rusty) are public information: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Chinese, and I read Latin. Good luck in trying to figure out how they apply to my post-Vietnam career.

One thought on “What Happened to Tom Glenn After 1975”

  1. After finishing up my career, which I retired in 1993, I worked for several Government Contractors, but at the same time my wife and I travel a lot. We went to Germany twice, Spain twice, Venezuela, Japan, Hong Kong, Hawaii, and travel around the States. Spent a lot of time out in Las Vegas, 2 -5 trips a year. To do this, we had 5 Timeshares that came in very handy with a place to stay. In 2006, I fully retired, Medical, and in 2007 moved to Missouri.


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