The Character to Tuyet in Last of the Annamese

Of all the characters in Last of the Annamese, Tuyet came as the greatest surprise. She appeared to me, as I wrote, fully formed, as all of my characters do. But she was the most alien to me—a woman in her early twenties, a Vietnamese, and a member of the royal family.

She is in some ways the most conflicted of my characters in Annamese. Her first priority throughout is to save her son, Thu. She knows Vietnam will fall. She foresees that her husband, Thanh, will forego evacuation and stay to face the North Vietnamese when Saigon is invaded. Her solution is to seduce Chuck Griffin so that she can prevail upon him to rescue her and her son. Then the greatness of Thanh slowly becomes apparent to her. She is loath to abandon him. When she comes to love Chuck, her dilemma becomes all but unbearable.

Do readers find her convincing? Several have told me they do. That I was able to create a female figure that women would find believable persuades me once again that it is my unconscious that does the writing. And my unconscious often knows better than I do.

I ask that the readers of this blog let me know if Tuyet comes across to you as a credible portrait. It is invariably by feedback from readers that I know if have succeeded.

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