More Quotes from the Annamese Cover

Continuing quotes from the dust cover for Last of the Annamese: These are endorsements printed in the back flap:

“Few novels of any genre grab you like Glenn’s searing depiction of Saigon’s fall. Compellingly evocative of the desperate last days of a doomed country, Last of the Annamese haunts you long after the final page.”

— George J. Veith, author of Black April: The Fall of South Vietnam, 1973‒75

“Last of the Annamese is an epic saga about the death of a people and a way of life that has been perishing in slow agony for a century. The canvas is huge, the brushwork dense and bold. Against a background of thousands at war, dying amid the ruins of ancient temples and centuries-old cities, it forces its characters into a place of raw survival and desperate emotions.”

—Grady Smith, author of Blood Chit

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